About Us

For us Disruption® is a great tool and cool philosophy. For our client, it always means a safe way to make great changes.

Whether it is a huge restart for a brand or a quick sales campaign – Disruption® provides a rock-solid base to make your great leap forward. Or up. Or into another world. You see, it is something really handcrafted for you.


We pay huge money for huge studies of the local and global consumer market and are really happy about this. It guarantees that we can give clients a hell of an insight how to position their product or brand, knowing all the trends. Sure, sometimes it’s fun to rely to intuition. But intuition can rely on us always. Because data never lies.


The goal of our creativity is to create success. Not always in terms of festival prizes, but always in terms of great campaign results. Speaking in movie terms, we can make “Sundance” type campaigns, as well as Die Hard or soap operas. Most importantly, we know when each approach is necessary. To ensure the best result for any media, we have a hiring policy where each creative comes with additional skills, like arts, crafts, music, directing, etc.


As a full-service agency, as you would expect, we do it all – ATL, BTL, PR and all the other abbreviations the world of advertising has to offer. The main secret of keeping high quality production also in collaboration is our “anti a–hole policy” that also applies to our partners. Appreciation of that comes with a great attitude, thoroughness and, what’s really important in advertising – patience and endurance.




Kaspars Eglītis,
Executive Creative Director / Chairman of the board

17 years in the industry

Kristīne Kalniņa,
Client Services Director / Member of the Board

14 years in the industry

Edgars Stanga,
Creative Director

19 years in the industry

Ance Rancane,
Strategic Planner

Kristaps Egle,
Associate Creative Director

8 years in the industry

Inta Brūniņa,
Art Director

17 years in the industry

Maija Keirāne,

11 years in the industry

Ilmārs Lauberts,

31 years in the industry

Anita Reķe,

31 years in the industry

Kaspars Eglītis
Executive Creative Director / Chairman of the board

Kristīne Kalniņa
Client Services Director / Member of the Board

Stabu street 18 – 4, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
+371 67505310