The Baltic Way 30

Customer: The Latvian Institute Work: BTL This video, commissioned by the Latvian Institute had to tell one of Latvia’s most important and fascinating stories. It would represent Latvia abroad and at home, in schools, embassies – at almost any event, dedicated to our regained independence. So, instead of making another historical tear-jerker, we presented the Baltic…


Play Previous Next Customer: McDonald’s Work: ATL, BTL, POS Latvian gourmets are no longer giggling about calling McDonald’s a “restaurant” after the launch of the Chef Burger. Using he recipe and endorsement of a star chef, creative BTL moves, smart cooperation with influencers, and voila – you get a premium burger sales increase of 60%!


Play Play Previous Next Customer: Olainfarm Work: ATL How to sell out a warehouse full of ear cleaning drops in two weeks – with a huge media budget or a joke that is perfectly appropriate for well-chosen audience? We recommended that Olainfarm take the second road. Hurray!

Call Things their Real Names!

Previous Next Customer: PTAC Work: ATL, PR, Digital The loan market speaks such a sophisticated language. And people increasingly get tangled up in debt. Is this a coincidence? Anyway, a campaign led by the Ministry of Welfare changed the situation by calling credits, leases and all other possible loans by one name – debt. The result? Some non-bank creditors…