Play Play Previous Next Customer: Olainfarm Work: ATL How to sell out a warehouse full of ear cleaning drops in two weeks – with a huge media budget or a joke that is perfectly appropriate for well-chosen audience? We recommended that Olainfarm take the second road. Hurray!

Call Things their Real Names!

Previous Next Customer: PTAC Work: ATL, PR, Digital The loan market speaks such a sophisticated language. And people increasingly get tangled up in debt. Is this a coincidence? Anyway, a campaign led by the Ministry of Welfare changed the situation by calling credits, leases and all other possible loans by one name – debt. The result? Some non-bank creditors…

ALFA rebranding

Play Previous Next Customer: Shopping Centre “Alfa” Work: ATL. POS When there are new players in town that all shout like they own the city, our client had to regain the status of the No.1 shopping mall. Did we have to shout louder? No. We just had to show that ALFA has more to offer.


Previous Next To launch a new lottery that celebrates 100 years of Latvia, the strategy was to really find some values to support, instead of just writing patriotic slogans on scratch cards. So Latvijas Loto really got into Latvian paintings, established a grant and started to advertise Latvian art on lottery tickets. The result –…