A Person Not A Diagnosis

Play Play Previous Next Customer: Ministry Of Welfare Work: ATL The goal of this campaign is to talk about the integration into society of people with a disorder of a mental or functional nature.   We wanted to make this story 100% authentic, avoiding the impression of a polished ad, reflecting the real daily lives that these people experience.  None of the people that appear in the campaign is an actor, it is completely produced in documentary style. We have depicted a small part of these people’s daily lives with fastened cameras, who content can be experienced in various ways, ranging from virtual reality…

McDonald’s Maestro

Customer: McDonald’s Work: ATL, BTL Just like the burgers themselves, the communication materials for McDonald’s Maestro series of burgers are 100% made in Latvia.  Two robots were specially built for the purposes of filming this campaign’s product ingredients. In various ways, the robots moved, tossed and arranged them.  The appearance and corrections to products were designed by a specially recruited food specialist from Germany, working in a team with two professional chefs from Latvia.   Likewise, the accompanying music orchestra arrangement was composed and performed with live instruments right here in Latvia.  Both burgers were created by chef Lauris Aleksējevs in honour of McDonald’s 25th anniversary in Latvia. 

The Baltic Way 30

Customer: The Latvian Institute Work: BTL This video, commissioned by the Latvian Institute had to tell one of Latvia’s most important and fascinating stories. It would represent Latvia abroad and at home, in schools, embassies – at almost any event, dedicated to our regained independence. So, instead of making another historical tear-jerker, we presented the Baltic…


Play Previous Next Customer: McDonald’s Work: ATL, BTL, POS Latvian gourmets are no longer giggling about calling McDonald’s a “restaurant” after the launch of the Chef Burger. Using he recipe and endorsement of a star chef, creative BTL moves, smart cooperation with influencers, and voila – you get a premium burger sales increase of 60%!