ABSOLUT Art TeleAuction

To support artists suffering from the consequences of COVID-19, we created another online event — ABSOLUT Art TeleAuction.

However, instead of the artists just bagging the money and the whole thing looking like a charity campaign, we gave them a chance to earn the money as if they would be doing a regular job:

We put the works of 10 artists facing downtime up for auction.
We hired art curators — also facing downtime — to answer phone calls and take bids.
We pulled some idle scenographers out of their bedrooms to design the studio’s interior.
We hired directors sitting at home and twiddling their disinfected thumbs to write the screenplays and shoot the videos.
And, you guessed it, out-of-work actors hosted the whole thing and gave several performances.

Needless to say, it was a huge success: we sold every one of the works we put up for auction, and the hotlines talking to the bidders rang for several days after the event was over.

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