< Go Back CHEF BURGER Customer: McDonald’s Work: ATL, BTL, POS Latvian gourmets are no longer giggling about calling McDonald’s a “restaurant” after the launch of the Chef Burger. Using he recipe and endorsement of a star chef, creative BTL moves, smart cooperation with influencers, and voila – you get a premium burger sales increase…

RIX. Dangerous goods

< Go Back RIX. Dangerous goods Customer: Riga International Airport (RIX) Work: Digital, POS In a world where airplane-prohibited items are communicated in sophisticated infographics, Riga Airport found a way that actually allows people to learn and understand – with a simple online game and a good looking guy. Take a look:

IT Employee Campaigns

< Go Back IT employee campaigns Customer: IF P&C Insurance Work: POS In a world where every IT employer is looking for IT superheroes, we started to look for humans. The #mosthumanIT was born. And that’s how an insurance company becomes attractive for IT people.

ALFA Rebranding

< Go Back Alfa Rebranding Alfa Rebranding Alfa Rebrending Alfa Rebranding ALFA rebranding Customer: Shopping Centre “Alfa” Work: ATL. POS When there are new players in town that all shout like they own the city, our client had to regain the status of the No.1 shopping mall. Did we have to shout louder? No. We…


< Go Back CENTENNIAL LOTTERY To launch a new lottery that celebrates 100 years of Latvia, the strategy was to really find some values to support, instead of just writing patriotic slogans on scratch cards. So Latvijas Loto really got into Latvian paintings, established a grant and started to advertise Latvian art on lottery tickets.…